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We are blessed here at FPC to be in such close proximity to Utah State University.  We understand the needs of students can be heavy while trying to fit in studies, work and other aspects of life. Please let us know if we can be of help to meet your spiritual needs.

We would love to welcome any students attending the University or surrounding colleges to join us for Sunday worship. Transportation assistance can be arranged through Pastor Derek at (435) 881-8535.

Please contact Pastor Derek for more information: derek [at]


  • It’s great to be back!

    Laura and I recently returned from our wedding in Colorado and our honeymoon in Portugal.  Both of us would like to express our sincere thanks to you—the congregation of FPC Logan—for your wonderful support and encouragement during this time and the months leading up to this monumental event in our lives.  We were married in Arvada Presbyterian Church just west of Denver, which is the church I grew up in and where my parents still attend.  I was ordained as a minister in that sanctuary in early 2009, and many people in that church have known me for 40 years.  Laura has a sister, nephew, and niece in Colorado, and her parents came from Delaware.  Jake came down from his summer job in Jackson Hole, and Katelyn flew in from Oregon.  Both of us had other family and some friends who came from across the country.  It was wonderful to have family and friends together for this, and we had a great time that weekend.

    A few days after the wedding Laura and I boarded a flight to Lisbon, Portugal.  We had a fantastic time in that country.  We spent some days in Lisbon and the nearby town of Sintra, before renting a car and driving to the southern part of the country called the Algarve.  In the Algarve we spent some days on the beach in the pristine (but cold!) waters of the Atlantic.  Although we rarely seem to get to the ocean, Laura and I both enjoy some time on the beach with sand and water between our toes.  We love to swim in the ocean.  We also enjoyed some beautiful coastal towns in that region, which is dominated by the fishing industry.  Finally, we flew to Barcelona, Spain, for a few days and enjoyed the wonderful and somewhat whimsical architecture of that city, particularly that of Antoni Gaudí.  The famous landmark in the city is Basilica Sagrada Familia (the church of the Sacred Family, or Holy Family), an enormous church dedicated to Jesus and Mary & Joseph.  This church has been under construction for more than a century, with an anticipated completion of 2026.  While enjoying the place Laura and I thought that we would love to return for our ten-year anniversary in the hope of seeing a completed church.  It is getting close—the interior is complete, but many large towers are still under construction.  I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this church two times in the last seven years, and I think it’s the most amazing and significant building that I have ever seen.

    For Laura and me, the summer was only complete when we returned to Logan and had a second wedding reception at FPC with all our Logan friends.  Many of you were there, and we thank you for your attendance.  It was wonderful for us to share our joy with you.  We hope that you also enjoyed the evening; we shared some photos of the wedding and our honeymoon and thank you to everyone who baked a cake!  Special thanks to Tina, Linda, Helen, Jean for organizing the night.

    I would especially like to extend my thanks to Pastor Meg for her hard work in the weeks that Laura and I were away.    She preached each Sunday, continued with her Christian Ed and Youth Ministry work, and provided pastoral care where needed.  Thank you, Meg!  Your presence made our absence much easier to facilitate.  

    Rally Day was a wonderful success on August 19th—thanks to our wonderful youth, some helpful parents, and Pastor Meg and the Christian Education committee.  I hope that you were in Bruner Hall for the pancake breakfast provided by our Middle and High School youth, and I hope that you are participating in some form of Christian Education or Youth Ministry now that September has begun.

    On another note, we have a new change coming to the sanctuary in a few weeks.  For some time now, the members of our Chancel Choir have been quietly lobbying for new choir chairs.  It turns out that the chairs we have now are not comfortable and they are not supportive enough for people with back problems.  Additionally, our current choir chairs are very heavy and incredibly awkward to remove and set up—which happens every month when the Westminster Bell Choir plays in worship.  Any of you who have folded them up and carried them will know this from first-hand experience.  The current chairs have been around for several decades, and after careful consideration the Worship Committee, Finance Committee, and Session decided that the chairs have served us well and it is time to decommission them.  New chairs—chairs that are much more supportive to those with back problems, much more comfortable, and easier to move—have been ordered and should arrive during September.  Our first question when considering this option was “How much will these chairs cost?”  The answer is about $3400.  The good news for our congregation is that the funds for the chairs will not come from your tithes and our regular operating budget.  We had some money set aside specifically designated for expenses such as this.  If you weren’t aware, our congregation has two modest investment accounts, like endowments.  The investment earnings from one of these investment accounts (the Sylvia Feltch Fund) is designated to be spent only for the worship, music, and Christian Education needs of the church.  Over time the investment grows, and the earnings can be spent on appropriate needs for the church.  The money for the chairs came from this Feltch Fund.  I am very thankful for this Feltch Fund, for Sylvia and her family’s decision to set this fund up when she joined the church triumphant many years ago.  To the choir: enjoy your new chairs!  We hope that these chairs serve us well for several decades, as the previous ones did.

    If you weren’t already aware, please join us on Saturday, Sept 8 for Pastor Meg’s installation.  The service is at 3:30 in the afternoon, in the sanctuary, followed by a reception afterward in Bruner Hall.  The preacher that afternoon will be Rev. Ted Wardlaw, President of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where both Pastor Meg and I did our theological studies.  Come on out to celebrate Meg’s installation as our Associate Pastor, to hear a wonderful preacher, and some beautiful music.  

    May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.     

    Pastor Derek

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