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9:00 a.m. Informal Worship Service in Bruner Hall

FPC’s early morning service is more informal in nature. With a focus on singing contemporary worship songs (with occasional “classics” thrown in), the emphasis is on simply enjoying God’s (and each others!) presence. We pray for each other, and reflect on God’s Word for us today in Scripture and a message. For the most part, the message is the same in the first and traditional worship services. From time to time, we offer prayer for healing with the laying on of hands (along with anointing with oil), we light candles for peace, and celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month by “intinction” (the congregation is invited to come forward, break off a piece of bread from a larger loaf, dip it in the cup of grape juice, and receive God’s grace and love). The congregation is encouraged to come in casual, comfortable attire to worship and praise the Lord. The service begins with congregational singing of songs of praise. Members lead the singing, often with the support of a small contemporary band. Music is led piano, joined regularly by a larger praise band. Simple and participatory are the key words for this service.

11:00 a.m. Traditional Service in the Sanctuary

The traditional service is a bit more structured, though not formal. In this service, we focus on God’s Living Word (Jesus Christ) in the rhythms and practices of traditional Presbyterian worship. With liturgy, hymns, organ, piano, responsive and corporate prayers, children’s message, Scripture, and sermon, we gather in God’s presence and seek to grow in faith. Adding to the blessing of this service is music from the Chancel Choir, the Westminster Bell Choir, or other instrumentalists or soloists. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month in the traditional Presbyterian fashion (individual cups and pieces of bread are distributed to the congregation by elders and deacons of the church). You are welcome in jeans or something more formal, and you will find both in attendance. We hope that all who come are sent out healed, at peace, refreshed, challenged (whatever you need at the moment!), and empowered to live the coming week faithfully and abundantly.

During both Sunday worship services, a nursery is available for infants and pre-schoolers. During the Traditional Service, following the Children’s Sermon, “Junior Church” is available for those in Kindergarten through Elementary grades during the school year. The Lord’s Supper communion is served monthly, on the first Sunday.

  • Advent is Here!

    Advent is Here!

    It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving week is behind us and the season of Advent is upon us, but here we are.  We have some wonderful things planned for the Advent and Christmas seasons.   The Westminster Bell Choir will be ringing in the 11am worship service on December 8th (with Pastor Meg preaching), and there will be a children’s pageant in 11am worship on December 15th.  The Chancel Choir will sing on the 1st and the 22nd, with the Praise Band playing throughout the most of month at the 9am service.  Additionally, there will be special music prior to the 11am worship service each Sunday, so please show up a bit early and enjoy the wonderfully talented musicians from our congregation.  All of our musicians—the Chancel Choir, the Westminster Bell Choir, and the Praise Band—have been working hard to provide beautiful music during this festive season, and we thank them for their efforts.  We also have a caroling night scheduled for December 17th, and I hope you will join us for that fun evening.

    As we do each year, there will be THREE worship services on Christmas Eve.  the 5pm service will feature music from our children.  The 7pm service will feature music from the bell choir, and the 11pm service will feature music from the chancel choir.  I hope that you join us (and invite a friend!) that evening as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  

    Thank you to everyone who purchased poinsettia plants for our youth fundraiser.  The plants beautiful decorate our worship spaces and your homes, and the funds help our youth with some of their activities.  If you purchased a plant to decorate the church in honor or memory of someone, please take note of the bulletin inserts where we will list those tributes.

    I’d also like to make you aware of some changes that we’re making with our Pulse newsletter.  Session has been discussing this for a few months, and in November they decided to take a trial run at a new system beginning in January.  In an effort to reduce the amount of paper we use printing the Pulse Newsletter, we’re going to cease mailing paper copies to everyone (over two hundred addresses), and we are switching to an email newsletter with the option of a paper one.  We’ve considered this very carefully and have tried to cover all contingencies.  Here are the details:

      • We will email a PDF copy of the newsletter to everyone for whom we have an email address.  If we do not have your email address please make sure you provide it to us.  You will have the option to ‘opt out,’ if you wish to not receive this via email.
      • We will print paper copies of the Pulse which will be available for pickup at church on Sunday mornings (in Bruner Hall and the sanctuary), and also in the office during the week.  If you prefer a paper copy please take one; we are happy to print one for you if this if your preferred method of reading the Pulse.
      • For anyone who does not have an email address we will gladly send you a copy by mail, if you prefer.  Pick-up on the first Sunday of the month is also a good option.  If you live outside of Cache Valley we will email the PDF newsletter to you, unless you contact us and ask to receive it by mail.

    Over the months we will monitor how many paper copies are picked up at the church, and print appropriate numbers (with some cushion).  We suspect that many people are happy to read the Pulse on their computer, tablet, or smart phone, which will enable us to print fewer copies as the months go on.  In addition to using less paper, this change has the added benefit of saving us some money on mail expenses.  While that is not the primary reason for the change, it does create a benefit.  If you have any questions about this please call me.  We are very happy to accommodate anyone’s wishes with a paper copy mailed to your home.

    It’s snowing outside, it’s a wonderful season of the church year, and I hope to see you all in worship!

    May the grace and peace of Jesus be with you.

    Pastor Derek

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