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9:00 a.m. Informal Worship Service in Bruner Hall

FPC’s early morning service is more informal in nature. With a focus on singing contemporary worship songs (with occasional “classics” thrown in), the emphasis is on simply enjoying God’s (and each others!) presence. We pray for each other, and reflect on God’s Word for us today in Scripture and a message. For the most part, the message is the same in the first and traditional worship services. From time to time, we offer prayer for healing with the laying on of hands (along with anointing with oil), we light candles for peace, and celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month by “intinction” (the congregation is invited to come forward, break off a piece of bread from a larger loaf, dip it in the cup of grape juice, and receive God’s grace and love). The congregation is encouraged to come in casual, comfortable attire to worship and praise the Lord. The service begins with congregational singing of songs of praise. Members lead the singing, often with the support of a small contemporary band. Music is led piano, joined regularly by a larger praise band. Simple and participatory are the key words for this service.

10:30 a.m. Traditional Service in the Sanctuary

The traditional service is a bit more structured, though not formal. In this service, we focus on God’s Living Word (Jesus Christ) in the rhythms and practices of traditional Presbyterian worship. With liturgy, hymns, organ, piano, responsive and corporate prayers, children’s message, Scripture, and sermon, we gather in God’s presence and seek to grow in faith. Adding to the blessing of this service is music from the Chancel Choir, the Westminster Bell Choir, or other instrumentalists or soloists. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month in the traditional Presbyterian fashion (individual cups and pieces of bread are distributed to the congregation by elders and deacons of the church). You are welcome in jeans or something more formal, and you will find both in attendance. We hope that all who come are sent out healed, at peace, refreshed, challenged (whatever you need at the moment!), and empowered to live the coming week faithfully and abundantly.

During both Sunday worship services, a nursery is available for infants and pre-schoolers. During the Traditional Service, following the Children’s Sermon, “Junior Church” is available for those in Kindergarten through Elementary grades during the school year. The Lord’s Supper communion is served monthly, on the first Sunday.

  • June Happenings

    We’re in the post-Easter season, and Pentecost will soon be upon us, when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit and the early beginnings of the church.  In worship we frequently pray that our hearts and minds are open to what the Holy Spirit might teach us or where she might lead us.  I am always grateful for the Bible stories we read this time of year, recalling the courageous believers in the early church and even the struggles that they encountered as they discovered what it meant to follow Jesus and to follow the movement of the Spirit.  Peter and Paul did so much with the power of the Holy Spirit, and I am reminded just about every day that the Spirit continues to work in countless ways in our lives and the lives of others.  I hope you’ll be with us in worship on June 9th for Pentecost, and if you’re up for it, wear red!  

    Although it hasn’t exactly felt like it in recent days, June seems like summertime to me, and that means lots of exciting things are happening around First Presbyterian Church.  We have a new roof on part of the church (details below), school is out for the summer, we have dozens of Summer Citizens worshiping with us, and it’s likely that before long we’ll have solar panels generating electricity on our rooftop.

    Vacation Bible School is about to kick off on Monday June 3rd.  It’s one of the fantastic offerings we have for children in Cache Valley.  Pastor Meg and many others have been working hard in preparation for this week.  Please keep our VBS volunteers and children in your prayers.  It is always such a fun and fantastic week, although it can be an exhausting one.  The reward of a successful VBS experience for dozens and dozens of children is certainly worth all of the effort and hard work.  This ministry has been a focal point of FPC children’s ministry for decades, and we are thrilled to continue that legacy each year.

    As I eluded earlier, our new roof has been installed!  The roofing company somehow found a week of dry weather during this wet Spring and they completed the new waterproof membrane on top of Bruner Hall and the kitchen & hallway.  Thank you for your generous pledges and contributions to this roof, which we can expect to last for the next 30 years.  As I write this I am preparing for a congregational meeting on June 2nd (depending on when this issue of the Pulse arrives at your house the meeting may have already taken place).  This is our final meeting on the subject, to let the congregation know where we stand in our pledge campaign (the news is outstanding!) and to ask for a congregational vote to move forward with the solar panels or not.  If we go forward with this, the company hopes to begin installation in July.

    I hope that you can join us on the evening of June 9th for a Concert for Sustainability.  Emma Cardon and two friends/musical colleagues are performing a free concert as a benefit fundraiser for our roof and solar panel project.  They are calling their performance Solar Sounds, and will be playing some beautiful classical pieces along with an original composition from Emma.  Emma is currently a student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and is home for the summer.  The concert will be in the sanctuary on Sunday evening June 9th, at 7pm.  It’s going to be a wonderful evening of music.

    Our Fellowship Committee has also organized some events for the summer, so please be sure to put these on your calendar.  There is an ice cream social on Sunday, June 2nd to welcome Summer Citizens.  This Ice Cream Social is for everyone, so make sure to come on back to church that afternoon and join us on the East Lawn at 4pm.

    They have also scheduled 3 summer barbecues on Friday nights this summer.  The grill will be fired up and we’ll have condiments and utensils.  Bring something to throw on the grill for yourself, and a side dish to share with others.  The summer barbecues are a wonderful place to meet some new friends around the congregation.  I hope to see you there!

    Grace and peace be with you all,

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