Derek Forbes –  Head of Staff Pastor:  Pastor Derek was called to serve as Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in October 2012.  He came to Logan after serving a mission ministry in Zimbabwe.  Derek jumped right into his new position with energy and commitment.  As of July 1, 2016 he is now Head of Staff Pastor.  E-mail: derek [at]

Pastor Meg Vail was called to serve as Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in January 2018, and she began her ministry with the congregation in March 2018. A Pennsylvania native, Meg served as a hospital chaplain in Austin, Texas and worked full-time in campus ministry as a business manager and finance officer before attending seminary and receiving the call to Logan. Meg enjoys good coffee, movies, game nights, musical theater, running events, and sharing a meal with family and friends. She is thrilled to be serving such a warm and generous congregation. E-mail: meg [at]

PamPam Riffe Riffe – As Administrative Assistant at FPC, Pam manages office affairs, maintains schedules for church activity, keeps records, facililtates planning, prepares church bulletins, prints newsletters and prepares Annual Reports. She answers FPC phones, responds to requests for building use, and facilitates smooth operations. E-mail: pamr [at]

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  • Mission Opportunities in October!

    For many years now Loaves & Fishes has been providing a free meal in a community setting with the intention of feeding people and establishing new relationships among community members.  First Pres Logan has been a partner of Loaves & Fishes since the beginning.  Bruner Hall at First Presbyterian Church has been the location of this meal every first and third Saturday of the month, in large part because of the space we have, but also because of our kitchen facilities, upgraded as part of our last major remodel around a decade ago.  Foresight from members of our congregation led to this great kitchen facility, and on Loaves & Fishes Saturdays over two hundred meals are prepared and served.

    As you may know, while Loaves & Fishes has a wonderful collection of volunteer staff and meal coordinators, the laborious work of setup, meal preparation, serving, and clean-up is only possible because of various groups around Cache Valley that volunteer on those Saturdays.  This coming Saturday, October 5th, is the date for the FPC congregation to help with the meal.  It is a wonderful mission opportunity for each of us.  I hope that you can sign up to help out if you are available that day.  And remember to come hungry!  Part of the mission and ministry of Loaves & Fishes is to create community.  If you volunteer to help prepare or serve the meal, you are also expected to partake of the meal, sitting at table with someone whom you do not know.  Doing so can be challenging for many of us but is integral to building true community.

    In addition to our service at Loaves & Fishes on October 5th, it is important for us to remember our ongoing mission with Loaves and Fishes and the community.  Offering of our building & kitchen twice a month is a wonderful mission gift to everyone involved.  Thank you for your continued support of this long-established community mission effort.  The Loaves & Fishes meal makes a difference in the lives of many people.

    In addition to Loaves & Fishes, another opportunity will be available for the congregation in October.  We’re having our Fall Clean-Up day on Saturday morning, October 26th.  Your FPC Property Committee works hard to maintain the building and grounds, and this is an opportunity for you to help them out.  From 9 a.m.-noon that day we could use your help at church, doing various chores inside and outside.  The committee has a list of chores that need to be done, so dress warmly, bring some work gloves, and stop by to help us out.  More details inside this edition of the Pulse.

    I’ve recently been engaging in some continuing education.  In early September I attended a CREDO conference run by the Presbyterian Church Board of Pensions.  This conference helps pastors to seek healthy practices in many aspects of life—spiritual, emotional, professional, and personal—with an end goal that healthy pastors are beneficial in nurturing healthy congregations.  The program is also intended to help pastors avoid burnout.  CREDO was a wonderful experience that will have a lasting impact on me.  I am thankful that the Presbyterian Church (USA) cares enough about pastors to run such programs, and I hope that you are thankful too.  So, in the spirit of healthy spiritual, emotional, professional and personal life, I wish the same for you.

    May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all,

    Pastor Derek

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