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Hearing Assist Units available now in Bruner Hall

Hearing assist units have been added to the audio system in Bruner Hall. So, if you have wanted to go to the 9 a.m. service but have been unable to hear, you can now enjoy the service! Ask the person running the sound system for help in getting started with the new units.

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  • Welcome to the dog days of summer!

    It’s been HOT around Cache Valley.  No this isn’t the start of some boring conversation about the weather because I have nothing else to say…  It is an attempt to introduce you to a conversation that’s been going on around the church.

    The Property Committee and Session have recently discussed the idea of installing air conditioning in our sanctuary.  I’m sharing this with you because Session would like to take an informal poll of the congregation in worship on Sunday morning, August 5th.  Before Session gets too serious about such a project, they would like to know how YOU feel about it.  We will provide slips of paper during the service with a simple YES and NO, and you will be invited to indicate your interest in AC for the sanctuary.  Please note, this is NOT an official decision that the Session will act on once we vote.  This is an attempt to see how many of our worshipping congregation are in favor of such a project.  If there is little interest, we will put the idea aside.  If there is strong interest, we will see where such a project might lead us.

    Putting AC in the sanctuary has been talked about for many years now.  We bring this up now because we have recently found an innovative AC system that is much less expensive than previous estimates.  A recent quote for an air conditioning system was around $18,000.  That is much less than the estimate several years ago (when we thought AC might cost upward of $100,000), but is still a significant amount of money.

    Session and the Property Committee aren’t looking to do this immediately.  If it turns out FPC would like to do it, perhaps a completion date just prior to the summer of 2018 would be reasonable.  Session had some good discussion about this.  I’ll share some of the thoughts that came up, both pros and cons for such a project.

    • It gets warm in the sanctuary.  Even in May, the choir suffers a bit in their choir robes.
    • Bruner Hall has AC.  We could have the later service worship in Bruner Hall on the hottest days. Seating might be a problem, and there would be no organ.
    • We only have about 10-12 unbearably hot Sunday mornings.  Is it worthwhile to spend this kind of money to cool the sanctuary for such limited use?  We should also note that there is a Spanish-speaking church that worships in our sanctuary on Sunday afternoons, and they would also benefit from AC.
    • Even when it’s not that hot in worship on Sunday mornings, we occasionally have afternoon activities in the sanctuary (concerts, recitals, and memorial services).  Some of those afternoons have been almost unbearable.
    • Having AC in the sanctuary will raise our electric bill, even if it’s used just once or twice a week.  We are getting closer to a project to install solar panels on our roof, so hopefully, in the future, we will not be paying for all electricity.  AC in the sanctuary would only be used on Sunday mornings and for the occasional afternoon service.  Just like in Bruner Hall, we will only cool the building when necessary.
    • It’s been our practice of late to open the sanctuary windows on Saturday nights to cool down the sanctuary as much as possible.  This often helps, but it can still be quite warm once the sun hits the east side of the building in the morning.
    • The system must be quietso that it does not disrupt worship, and it must be installed in a manner whereby people don’t feel drafts of cold air.  We have found a system that we believe fits such criteria, mounted high on the side walls; this system would cool the room quietly without producing drafts down onto the congregation.
    • Some might think that those who worship at 9 a.m. in Bruner Hall probably don’t care about such a decision.  Many of our 9 a.m. worshipers do support this idea.  They’ve been to memorial services and other activities in the sanctuary on summer afternoons, and they know how hot it can be at certain times of the year.
    • Summers in Logan (and indeed around the world) aren’t likely to be getting any coolerin the future, if you know what I mean…

    As you can see, friends, there are a good number of questions and variables when considering such a project.  Please pray and think about how you feel about this proposal.  Then vote in worship on Sunday, August 5th.  If you can’t be in worship on August 5th you may email or call the church office and register a vote.  Please don’t try to vote twice.

    It’s quite a lot to think about.  Thank you for your consideration.  In the meantime, stay in the shade!

    Grace and peace to you all.

    Pastor Derek

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