FPC Sermon 11-11-18

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  • It’s Time for Fellowship!

    When most people think about ‘church’ I imagine they think about getting up on Sunday morning and heading to worship.  While worship is one of my favorite aspects of ‘church,’ it is only one aspect of our life and ministry together as a congregation.  There are mission opportunities, Christian Education classes, prayer time together, and numerous other gatherings.  Another significant aspect of our life together is this concept that we call fellowship.

    Fellowship is an interesting word.  I also think it is a beautiful word.  I’ve always understood fellowship to mean time spent with friends who share a common interest, and I’ve always thought that fellowship is like an adhesive bond that holds a community together.  Because of that, I feel that a church needs fellowship.  I need fellowship.  I feel this need to have a conversation with you, to get to know you, and for you to get to know me.  When I think of all of the people that are part of First Presbyterian Church, we need to know each other.

    I write about this for two reasons.  I want to give the appropriate thanks to those who have provided fellowship opportunities at FPC, and I want to invite others who may want to help out in this area in the future.  

    Nan Milleson and Nick Purintun have been our primary Fellowship Committee leaders for many years now (I should not forget their partners Jim Milleson and Tina Purintun, who contribute alongside).  Nan and Nick have helped to schedule fellowship time after church, outdoor worship services and evening barbecues in the summer, along with many other evening gatherings such as “What Does It Mean to Be Presbyterian?”  Susan & Dan Cox and Lorrie & Randy Lewis have also made selfless contributions to our fellowship over the years.  Additionally, many of you in the church have helped by bringing some snacks for us after worship, washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen or Bruner Hall, setting up chair and tables, and countless other tasks.  There are too many of you to list, and to thank.  We as a church are grateful for your efforts.

    Nan and Nick, we thank you for the work that you have been doing for many years now.  It has been a blessing to us.

    So here is the invitation:  would you like to help out with fellowship at First Pres Logan?  Laura and I will be gathering a list of names of those who would like to help out in any way.  Perhaps you are willing to sign up for fellowship time after worship once every month or two.  Maybe you can help with outdoor worship or the barbecues or other special events.  Perhaps you would like to be on a committee to help plan and organize fellowship activities.  Either way, please make sure that Laura and I know so that we can get you involved, or help keep you involved.  Fellowship might seem simple, but it is something that holds us together as a church family.

    Grace and Peace be with you all,

    Pastor Derek

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