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Services are held at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. every Sunday (September through May). We are now currently on this schedule.

Services are held at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. every Sunday (June through August).

Service Times

9:00 – 9:50 a.m. Informal praise worship in the fellowship Hall (Bruner Hall), located at the south end of the building. Enter through the south or west doors. An accessible entrance ramp with an elevator is located on the east side of the building.

11:00 a.m. – 12 noon. Traditional worship in the Sanctuary, located at the north end of the building. Enter through the north or west doors. An accessible entrance ramp with an elevator is located on the east side of the building.

Taize Service, first Wednesday of every month, 6:00 p.m. FPC offers a mid-week service of quiet music, Scripture, prayer and reflection on the first Wednesday of every month in Westminster Hall (downstairs). This is a quiet and meditative half hour of personal and communal blessing followed by a simple meal of soup and bread.

Diverse in age and religious background, we have gathered together as the body of Christ here in Cache Valley since 1878. We are blessed to say:

All are WELCOME!

We believe that this is more than a slogan.

We’re far from perfect, but we are forgiven and growing on the inside and out! God welcomes us, so our mission is to joyfully welcome each and every person who comes to seek God’s presence.

Worship & Christian Education

In Worship we discover God’s amazing grace, steadfast love, and unconquerable hope. Through Scripture and the Word preached, sincere prayer, inspired music, and renewing fellowship, we strive to provide worship that is faithful, fresh, relevant, uplifting, challenging, and inclusive.

In our educational ministry, we seek to nurture a deeper understanding of our world, and of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in it.


With a loving touch, a word of justice and mercy, a vision of hope and peace, and a generous spirit, we seek to follow Christ’s example and be God’s hands in the world.

Youth & Children’s Ministry

Youth are not only the future of the church and world. At First Presbyterian, they are a vital part of our present. Retreats, mission trips, activities of all kinds, ecumenical involvement, and dedicated leadership nurture an environment of growth, love, trust, fun, and faith. As our youth know, Jesus rocks!

Christian churches have traditionally been communities where children are loved, celebrated, and nurtured. First Presbyterian has been, and seeks to continue to be, such a place.

Fun and Fellowship

Church life is not limited to one hour on Sunday. As a community, we enjoy each others company. The joy of the Lord, discovered in relationships with each other, is something we relish. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are friends, too.

We invite you to join us for Contemporary & Traditional Worship, Mission, Christian Education, Bible Study, Fellowship and a sense of community.

178 West Center Street
Logan, UT 84321
(435) 752-0871

Email us: info [at] firstpreslogan.org


  • Blessed are the Neighborly

    Have you done enough shoveling yet? I love the winter, and I love fresh snowfall, but I’ve done enough shoveling at home and church to last me quite a while. I’m sure you might be feeling the same.

    While it’s been excessive of late, perhaps because I spent a good portion of life in Colorado where there is plenty of snowfall, I’ve always enjoyed shoveling snow. To some of you, yes, that might be a weird thing to enjoy. Others might understand the satisfaction of a clean drive and sidewalk, in addition to helping out neighbors with their shoveling. Sometimes I run my snowblower 6 or 7 houses down the street clearing sidewalks for neighbors, or drive over to someone else’s house to help them dig out from the recent storm. There’s something about being ‘neighborly’ that really seems important to me. On other mornings people on my street have run their snowblowers up and down the sidewalk in front of my house. It’s a beautiful exchange of kindness and courtesy.

    Being neighborly seems to be in line with what Jesus teaches, don’t you think?

    I was reminded recently about other ways to be neighborly. I’ve seen photos of one particular sign pop up on social media that says “No matter where you're from, we’re glad you’re here”—and the signs were written in English, Spanish, and Arabic. These signs have been popping up in many cities around the country; they were originally the idea of a Mennonite pastor whose church is located in a multicultural neighborhood.

    I also ran across a similar sign recently, in a photo sent to me from a member of this congregation.

  • —
  • I like this sign very much. In fact, if I had a sign like this I would display it in my front yard. I will also be the first to recognize that it might cause a bit of a stir in my neighborhood, but I think it is in line with God’s vision of peace and justice. That makes me wonder how we can each be the best kind of neighbors in our lives? There the old saying that good fences make good neighbors, but really that just creates isolation, and that’s not something we need any more of in this day and age. How dose show welcome and friendship and even love, when the easiest thing to do seems to be to put up fences? In what ways can we be better neighbors, as individuals and as a congregation? Let’s see where God is leading us, and what God is calling us to do. I’m sure there’s something in store for us that enables abundant blessing for all parties involved. May your days be filled with grace and peace and love, Pastor Derek
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